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History of the Commission

In 1970, the General Assembly passed a bill that created the Higher Education Tuition Grants Commission, an agency that was charged with the responsibility of administering the Tuition Grants Program for state residents attending in-state independent college.  Governor Robert E. McNair signed the bill on May 1, 1970.

The original appropriation was $5,000 and no awards were made the first year.  In 1971-72, the first awards were made as the program aided 43 students.  In its second year of awards, 1972-73, a total of 134 students received grants.  Now, after forty-five years in operation, the South Carolina Tuition Grants Program is awarding in excess of $36 million to about 13,400 students annually.  Since its inception in 1970, over 397,000 Tuition Grant awards totaling almost $875 million have been made to South Carolinians attending the college of their choice.

Statutory Authority for the Commission

The General Assembly of the State of South Carolina, during the 1970 session, passed Act 1191 creating the Higher Education Tuition Grants Commission. This Commission was created as a State agency charged with the responsibility for overseeing the operation of the Tuition Grants Program.

Our Mission

The mission of the South Carolina Higher Education Tuition Grants Commission is to administer a state-funded, need-based tuition grants program for the State of South Carolina designed to assist eligible South Carolina residents with demonstrated financial need to afford to attend certain in-state, accredited independent colleges on a full-time enrollment basis.  This mission serves:

  • To help offset the higher education costs of attending SC independent colleges for South Carolina students just as the state offsets the higher education costs of our state residents attending SC public colleges; and,
  • To gain maximum usage of the available independent college facilities located in our state by assisting eligible students to afford the cost of independent colleges and thereby help in the education of our state citizenry; and,
  • To preserve the dual system of public and private higher education in our state which provides healthy competition between the two sectors; and,
  • To save the state tax dollars that would have to be appropriated via the automatic state per student subsidy that would go, regardless of financial need, to all independent college students if they migrated into the SC public college system; and,
  • To give eligible South Carolina students a choice of attending the college that best meets their academic needs.

Current Annual Report

Annual Report

Current Accountability Report

Accountability Report

SC Tuition Grants Law

SC Tuition Grants Law


Inspector General's Hotline

The Inspector General's Hotline is available to report state agency fraud at 1-855-SCFRAUD (1-855-723-7283)