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Grant Transfer Request

Grant Transfer Request

If you will not be attending the institution listed on your Tentative Eligibility Notice or are transferring to another institution, please complete this form to request a transfer of your SC Tuition Grant. By submitting this form you agree that: 1) you are the student completing this form, 2) you understand transferring your SC Tuition Grant may change the amount granted, and 3) this information is correct. You will be notified if we are unable to complete your request for any reason. Please contact the Tuition Grants Commission by emailing or calling 803-896-1120 if you have any questions.

Please enter your first name as was entered on your FAFSA.

Please enter your last name as was entered on your FAFSA.

Please enter the academic year this transfer request is for. Ex. 2018-2019

Please select the college you are planning on attending. Note: The SC Tuition Grant is only available at the 21 colleges listed. If you will be attending another institution, you will not be eligible to receive the SC Tuition Grant.

Select Traditional if you are unsure of your program status.

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